Hi Friends,

Its been ages since I have posted to my blog and I have truly missed this space. I’m sure you know the saying, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. In my case, I had a tightly scheduled plan for 2019 and then life happened, and the wheels came off. And of course I had to work around the circumstances at the time and I’m still to a large extent playing catch-up.

Reflecting on the last few months and all the uncertainties that I encountered, left me also remembering all the appointments that I had to cancel and/or reschedule. Meetings for work was a priority but those for my hair, nails, facials and desperately needed massages were postponed on a regular basis. This got me thinking, I wish I had known about the DYME Beauty App in those early months of this year.

Likened to Uber Eats but for beauty, this App serves as a facilitator service between customers and qualified artists and therapists who offer a mobile service. The App provides therapists/artists at different levels from Junior to Expert, thereby giving the customer the opportunity to choose according to budget and requirement. This is a genius app and has the possibility to benefit us all.

Given how new this App is I thought it would be interesting to consider 10 scenarios that would warrant using the DYME App.

  1. You have a big event to attend, or are even the VIP of this function and need your hair and makeup done at your home or function venue while you are getting ready. You can select and book your qualified stylist in advance through DYME.
  2. Need a new set of nails? DYME has got that covered with a variety of nail technicians who do various types of nails from natural nails to acrylic and gel.
  3. Who doesn’t crave a body massage at times? Whether it’s a gentle relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage or a sports massage, there is something for everyone on DYME.
  4. A fellow blogger (I just can’t remember which one) wrote that you know that its time for a pedicure when you can exfoliate one foot with the other. I think we’ve all been there at some point. Life gets so busy that we sometimes skip the pumice stone or foot file. DYME therapists can come in to assist get rid of those callouses and really pamper those feet.
  5. A first date or even more daunting, the third date with that hottie that you can hardly wait to see. DYME therapists can take care of all your waxing needs in the comfort of your home to get you date night smooth in all the right places.
  6. Pamper parties with girlfriends or a romantic spa date with your significant other is taken care of by DYME therapists in your own home. You can create the ambience and the therapists will do the rest.
  7. Your skin needs some attention? DYME therapists can take care of your facial requirements giving your skin just what it needs.
  8. As a makeup artists myself I often have people call me to help them out because their makeup artist booked for the day just cancelled and the client is desperate for an artist. Unfortunately, I cant always assist these last-minute, urgent calls. Now I can assist the caller by directing them to the DYME App, which has a number of potential makeup artists who could assist.
  9. Men have become so much better at keeping up with their own grooming. I know the men in my household certainly have. Whether that involves facials, nails, professional shaving or on trend haircuts; DYME stylists and artists have got the needs of our dearest men taken care off. There are so many times that I have been too late getting my son to the salon for his haircut before the start of school, leaving us both in a panic. Never again do I need to stress as a DYME hairstylist can come home to my son and take care of that mop of hair.
  10. There are so many times that I have been invited to an event at short notice and the hair salon that I usually go to is closed or fully booked. There was also a time I desperately needed an appointment to fix a broken nail but the salon could not fit me in. In these emergency cases, DYME is an SOS app. You are able to get the service you need come to you.

So there you have it a list of 10 possible scenarios that would have you use the DYME App.
DYME App is a free download and is available on iOS and Android.

Do you think this is an app that you would use? Which services appeal to you the most? Let me know in the comments.

With Love and Gratitude
– Aarthi

*Kindly note that this is not a sponsored or paid post.