Hi Everyone.

How often do we watch videos of influencers and beauty gugrs who receive more makeup in PR than they know what to do with? How often do we see them decluttering loads of this makeup with reasons like “it just didn’t work for me”? It makes me really upset when I see this. Testing a product for a week or two and stating that you don’t want to hold onto the product may work when you have makeup coming out of your ears but for those of us who spend our hard earned money on makeup, tossing out a product is not such an easy decision.

As someone who recently did a fairly large makeup declutter, I can tell you how difficult it was to actually remove makeup from my collection. It was a painstaking process for me as I am not only a makeup lover but I also attach sentimental value to much of my makeup, which makes it even more difficult for me to declutter it.

In this post, I really want to encourage you to not fall for the idea that if something didn’t work as you initially hoped that you should toss it out.

As you may remember, if you follow me on Instagram (@yourface_ismy_canvas), I was invited to the launch of the MUD Studio opening at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in September 2018. It was an absolute honour to be invited and be part of quite an iconic opening in Durban. This is the third MUD studio to be opened in the country. The founder and CEO of the company, Tate Holland, attended the opening and spoke about the history and the ethos of the MUD concept and how they operate. We were really spoilt at the opening with food catered by Chilli Chocolate Chefs, which was most decadent.

Each attendee was gifted a goodie bag, which amongst other things, contained their new launch at the time, i.e. the Smitten Palette, which contains six eyeshadows and a lipgloss. As you could imagine, I attched much sentiment to this beautiful gift. The advertising for this palette, states that “this versatile palette combines beautiful bold colors with neutral favourites to create that perfect balance”. So naturally, when I read this and opened up the palette I was very excited to play with the colours.

Smitten Palette on display the the MUD Gateway Media Launch

The MUD Smitten Palette

Looking at the palette, the vibrancy of the purples in the pan got me excited, while the neutrals and the mattes told me I could create a full eye look with just this palette. However, when I swatched the colours, I found that the shades were not as pigmented as I had initially hoped they would be. Nonetheless, as a makeup artist and someone who works with makeup every day, I know that eyeshadows are not created for swatches but for application to the eye area so I was still hopeful about this palette.

Arm swatches of the MUD Smitten Palette

I used the palette, still maintaining my excitement for the colours. However, I was quite underwhelmed. The colours were rather dull and muted. The matte transition and deepest shades worked perfectly, but the richness of the purples were being lost. None of the vibrancy of the colors translated onto my eyes. I was pretty disappointed with it but still wanted to believe that a MUD palette could not perform this way. I tried it a few times and I just could not build up the colour to the intensity I wanted using brushes and my fingers.

But being the ever hopeful, and not one to give up so easily, I decided to give it another go. Looking at the shades in the palette, you would think that using a wet brush would ruin the eyeshadow, but I nonetheless went ahead with my  MACFix+, wet my brush before applying the lid shades. And oh my goodness am I glad I did! The colors then translated so well in this way and packed a serious punch. I could not deny my happiness with the way this turned out. I was so thrilled that I made it work.

Swatches of the MUD Smitten Palette with a Wet Brush

From my side, I believe that one has to give makeup a proper chance before writing it off. Try different methods of working with a product. Some foundations may work best with specific primers but for your specific skin type. Some eyeshadows may need you to apply them with your fingers to get the best colour payoff. We must remember that companies would generally put in a lot of thought and effort before producing and releasing a product. As much as some makeup may just not work for specific skins, if you spent your money on it, keep trying to figure it out and find a way to make it work best for you. Don’t just discard it. If it absolutely and completely doesn’t work for you then either pass it on to someone who you think will enjoy it or resell it. You may find that someone out there absolutely loves the product.

YouTubers doing first impressions and telling you that a product sucks and then stating that they are going to throw it out is a different scenario to us regular folk who spend our hard earned money on our products. Waste less and make the best of the makeup you have.

So that’s my thought on the subject.

With love and gratitude