Hi to all the readers out there in the bloggosphere … welcome to my blog! I would like to kick off this blog with an introduction to myself, my company and what I intend the purpose of this blog to be.

So introductions first, I am Aarthi Maharaj owner mixing service of Your Face Is My Canvas Makeup Studio. 

I am relatively new (three years in) to the makeup industry as a profession but have years of experience with makeup and skin care.

Many moons ago (approximately 17 years) I studied and worked in the field of town planning and local economic development before deciding to follow my passion for makeup. Over many years I had been asked on numerous occasions by various people in the makeup and skin care industry to join them in this industry given the knowledge I had gained in this area.

Coming from a profession where being adequately qualified for a job was paramount I found myself hesitating to make the leap without a qualification to back me up. This lead me to contacting Make Up Stars and undergoing a course with them to tweak and correct my techniques and adding a professional touch.

It was through my general interactions with women in day to day life that made me realize that I would like to target my services at women of all ages and all walks of life that perhaps find makeup to be a daunting tool that they avoid simply because they’re just not familiar with the “how to” of makeup.

As a result when I started practicing as a makeup artist and subsequently opened my makeup studio Your Face Is My Canvas Makeup Studio my aim was to target for example is the mum who is run off her feet and perhaps lacks a bit of self confidence that a little bit of color can help boost; it is the teenage girl who wants to go out and not know how to manage and cover up her acne that needs a helping hand with a few makeup tricks that make her see her beautiful self. It is the woman who has never worn makeup but would really like to try. These are everyday people that I wanted to and do target.

And yes as much as every makeup artist enjoys doing a glam makeup look, seeing the joy on a woman’s face who has suddenly seen herself in a new light with a soft, natural makeup application is priceless and that’s what I aim for.

I believe that makeup is there to enhance your God given beauty and not to change you into someone you don’t even recognize when you look into the mirror. 

As such, apart from doing makeup on clients for a special day/special occasion, makeup lessons becomes an integral part of what I do. I enjoy empowering a woman with the skills to do her own makeup everyday so she can give herself a picker upper whenever she finds the need for it.

Another fun element of being a makeup artist is getting to try out new products. As we are always trying to improve on our skills and using the best products, it is obvious that we will be trying out new products. Be they high end international brands, drugstore/pharmacy stocked products or even South African products it’s always exciting to see how these products will perform. On my existing social media accounts I have done mini-reviews on certain products. Some have been requested and some were provided by myself. It is this area of beauty product reviews that I would like to provide a greater amount of time to.


In setting this blog there are a few things that I want to achieve. So essentially you can expect this blog to:

  1. Review makeup products (both high end and drugstore).
  2. Provide insight into new trends and tips
  3. Share with you my thoughts on current trends and keeping it practical.
  4. Discuss skin care updates, thoughts and reviews as the importance of good skincare routines can never be underestimated.
  5. Share with you my makeup work done on myself and my clients where they provide me with permission to do so.

I look forward to sharing with you through this blog and I hope you enjoy my posts. I look forward to your comments and suggestions on areas and topics you would like me to cover.

With my love and gratitude – Aarthi Maharaj

Your Face Is My Canvas Makeup Studio