Last weekend I was privileged to be invited to City Shoes at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga, Durban for the launch of Power Footwear, which is a range of takkies designed for athletic, gym and casual use. This threw me back to when I was a teenager and Power takkies was all the rage and everyone “needed” to own a pair of Power!.

Lisa Raleigh, a fitness goddess in South Africa, the brand ambassador for Power Footwear, has together with the brand, embarked on a launch campaign across the country to reintroduce the brand to consumers after a fairly long absence. The stop in Durban was part of this campaign.

As part of this launch, Lisa demonstrated her fitness routine of rebounding whilst wearing Power takkies. Rebounding is, in layman’s terms, jumping on a low/indoor trampoline while performing a series of traditional exercises e.g. squats, knee lifts and so forth, which is a great cardiovascular workout.

My 10 year old daughter accompanied me to this launch. Given her love of all sports and her gymnastics experience, she was the ideal candidate to engage with Lisa on the demonstration of rebounding.

Saanvi thoroughly enjoyed the experience and loved the versatility of the exercise routine. She left a happy little girl with her very own pair of Power takkies (being the first Power Customer in store).

During the launch I managed to chat to Lisa about her collaboration with Power and why she has put her support behind this particular brand?

This is what she had to say:

“At the price point that Power is at, given the economic climate at the moment, a good pair of trainers can cost up to R3000. I’m doing the rebounding with the bounce back program, so with the cost of rebounders, accessories and the workout cost, that is an investment in itself. Then to go an buy a pair of trainers to train on the rebounder makes the whole thing out of a lot of people’s budget. It’s good to know that you can buy a pair of trainers for under R600 (and maybe buy a couple of different colours because they’re more affordable).

It’s been a great collaboration because on the rebounder I’ve always wanted to find a pair of shoes that are super-light. A lot of takkies, with all the extra support, they are really heavy whereas Power has all the ergonomics so it’s absolutely perfect from a shoe point of view but it is so light.It’s not a running shoe, so you can’t do a 10km run in them but a great fit for gym, Pilates, yoga, walking, rebounding and as a lifestyle shoe.”

I then asked Lisa about her thoughts on the fit of Power Footwear with people like myself as someone just embarking on a journey of improved fitness, at a low impact level, and weight loss. These are her thoughts:

“Power has done a lot of research before bringing back their shoes with a bang. They’ve been out of the country for so long so they had to come back with an aesthetically pleasing shoe. They had to make sure they had the right colors and technology etc. For someone just starting out with training it can be quite an expense buying home gym equipment or signing up for a gym contract, clothing etc. So Power does support someone on the start of an exercise journey.”

If you choose to later specialize in a specific modality, then you can invest in a more specific shoe for that, but for the everyday person who wants to increase their activity and achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, I do think that it’s a perfect fit.”

I am thrilled to have Power back in South Africa and I think it’s going to offer a great amount of variety in the trainer department for those looking for a shoe at a good price point.


Power footwear is currently available exclusively at Shoe City stores.


If you’re interested in Lisa Raleigh’s rebounding and fitness classes you can visit her website and e-store (mobicred also available) at:


With Love and Gratitude
– Aarthi