Hi my lovelies. I hope you’re all doing really well. I had to share this post with you and with absolutely everyone that would listen to me!

As many of you who know me on a personal note know, I have battled with eczema every since I was 14 years old. As you may know eczema is a symmetrical condition and I would often get an aggravation in exactly this way, so for example it would pop up on both ankles in the same spot or on both my elbows. As a teenager you can only imagine the horror that this brought me as I tried to cover myself up as best I could to avoid exposing my aggravated skin to anyone.

Years of steroid treatments and visits to countless dermatologists ensued in pursuit of a cure for my skin. I eventually stopped with the topical steroid treatments as my skin was just becoming thinner and more sensitive over the years. Natural routes were explored with very little help. I used everything recommended from the body washes and moisturizers to oils and Home made remedies.

And then 25 years later, I received this orchid extract and sweet almond oil body butter from Woolworths Classic Collection as part of a Christmas gift. When I saw that it’s a body product I cringed (sorry Shani) because I never used any fragranced body creams as they all aggravated the eczema. Seeing that it contains sweet almond oil I decided to hold onto the body butter, as I had discovered some time ago that almond oil is actually pretty good for keeping the skin well moisturized and also does help in the treatment of eczema.

One day, post shower, I found that my regular body moisturizer had been taken over by my daughter. Having very dry skin I absolutely cannot skip moisturizing after a bath or shower so I needed to use something. As the Woolworths body butter was the only other body moisturizer I had on hand, I opened this product and was immediately impressed with the packaging. The silver screw on cap and glass jar oozed elegance and I suppose one should not expect less from Woolworths. I said a little prayer and I slathered this cream all over my body.

My skin immediately felt like it had a drink of water and it didn’t feel sticky or gunky. My skepticism slowly dissipated. The cream didn’t have an overwhelming scent. The cream felt luxurious as I spread it over my body and as time passed on during the course of the day, I didn’t find myself feeling any tingling or itching. My skin remained hydrated throughout the day. I didn’t experience any taught feeling on my skin. It was a good day!

Being pleasantly surprised I decided to look at the details of this cream. Right of the bat I was so happy to read that this cream is Vegan and Cruelty Free. I also saw that it is dermatologically tested and toxicology approved. It states that it contains no harsh ingredients.

Also interesting and pleasing to my concerns over the environment is the statement that the paper used in the packaging and the glass used for the jar are widely recyclable.

Following this positive experience, I continued to use the body butter every time I showered. I found that within a week, the irritated eczema had calmed down and all that was left were the scarring.

I continued to use this product while I travelled over the holiday and my skin could not have been happier with me. My battle with eczema seemed to have passed. The jar of 200ml of product lasted me just under three months and as I got closer to the bottom of the jar I knew I had to buy a new one. So I went into Woolworths at Musgrave Centre in Durban and purchased a new jar. I was even more blown away when I looked at the price of this body butter as this amazing product was a mere R120.00.

I have found the first change in my skin since forever and it is all thanks to this humble cream. I strongly urge anyone who has a struggle with their skin to try out this body butter. It’s in my opinion a product that will change your skin and your life!

The product is available at all Woolworths clothing stores. Let me know if you find any benefit after trying out this Woolworths Orchid Extract & Sweet Almond Oil body butter.

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With love and gratitude

Aarthi Maharaj

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