When I initially thought about writing this blog post, I thought I would detail my skin care routine however, I believe that an integral part of my skin care routine should be paid homage to before I did so. Therefore, my current skin care routine will be in a later post.

Although many women start their skin care routines rather late into their twenties presumably when skin concerns of fine lines begin to creep in, I was one who started the process of caring for my skin when I was in my teens. Not to say I had bad skin as a teen … I had the occasional breakout or the random ill-timed monstrosity of a pimple appear and at the time it felt like it just ruined my life!!! (I’m sure many can relate).

My mother being extremely conservative in terms of skin care and makeup use obviously didn’t seem to think any specific skin care regimen was necessary and considered these breakouts to be a natural part of being a teenager . However, the teen magazines I read at the time said differently. Self diagnosing my skin type I went on to follow the skin care recommendations (some rather astringent I might add) set out in these magazines. Added to this were the home made masks which were suggested and I happily followed. And all this to ensure that those pesky pimples were kept at bay. However, no matter what I tried those nasty buggers still found their way to plague my life.

Further, despite believing that teenage skin breakouts will be confined to teenage years, my skin continued to have these breakouts well into my twenties and my thirties. This led to me trying out a whole range of skin care brands over the years, from Yardley and Revlon to Clinique, Clarins, Lancome, Estee Lauder to Chanel, Dior, YSL, La Mer and La Prairie. To my dismay nothing seemed to work except YSL Age Expert, which I discovered during my first pregnancy and was then subsequently discontinued in South Africa.

It was in my late twenties as I was at the stage of wanting to start a family that I realised that I had hormonal imbalances due to endometriosis and ovarian cysts, which was the cause of my breakouts. Can you begin to imagine the level of my frustration that even as an adult my skin was rarely clear? I however, never quite gave up on the idea of achieving breakout free skin. The search for a skin care range to help me continued …  tried out Dr. Brandt, Strivectin, Dr, Sebagh and a whole range of other products until I came to try out Dermalogica, which really started to improve the texture and clarity of my skin. Added to this, just about two years ago I came across The Magic Pads, which has proven to be a miracle product. Since I have incorporated this product into my skin  care regime I have not had a single breakout and the quality of my skin has improved and continues to do so.


These wonder pads were created by Rob Harmon who is a professional celebrity makeup artist. Rob searched for a facial exfoliating pads without much luck. Rob decided to create his own exfoliating pads and worked with organic skin care and lab professionals to develop THE MAGIC PADS.

About The Magic Pads

The Magic Pads focus on gently exfoliating the skin, which softens and moisturizes your skin. The Magic Pads is said to only use the most natural ingredients making it 99.9% organic. It contains organic aloe leaf juice, organic willow bark extract, glycolic acid, sodium hyaluronate and Vitamin E.

The pads are the size of cotton rounds and are as thin as a wet wipe. There are 60 rounds in the tub so they could essentially last you two months.


  • Calms and detoxifies the skin;
  • Prevents and treats blemishes;
  • Reduces the size of pores; and
  • Targets unnecessary signs of ageing.


Who Can Use The Magic Pads

This product is ideal for both men and women of all ages and skin types.

The Magic Pads can be used by any child, teen or adult for overall skin improvement. The Magic Pads is one of the newest and quite revolutionary treatment for all skin care concerns especially for those who desire quick and effective skincare products.

In order to fully explore this product, I got a number of people of various age groups, who are from my family to use The Magic Pads and to report back to me as to how they felt about the product.

My 9 year old daughter used The Magic Pads on her nose, as she started developing blackheads due to excessive sunscreen use. The Magic Pads over a two week period of use 3 times a week completely cleared the blackheads.

My 12 year old son started developing fine pre-teen pimples on his cheeks. Using The Magic Pads over a three consecutive day period cleared his skin. At this pre-teen and teenage years, children are so incredibly self-conscious. To have a product that can allow teens to not struggle with one of the challenges that come with this phase is a phenomenal thing.

Moving on in the age category, I asked my 63 year old mum and 30 year old sister-in-law to incorporate The Magic Pads into their skin care routine over a two month period and to let me know what they thought about it at that point. Given the age difference, their needs from the product were very different. My mum wanted the anti-aging and evening out of skin tone benefits, while my sister-in-law wanted help with her adult acne and to improve the general texture of her skin. Overall, they were both completely impressed with the product and have continued using The Magic Pads for more than 6 months and wish to continue using it.

However, as they say the proof is in the pudding. I started using The Magic Pads almost two years ago and I am a complete devotee to this product. I use it every night as part if my cleansing routine. The Magic Pads have not only cleared my breakouts, but has lightened pigmentation and improved the texture of my skin. My lines on my forehead have also seemed to have plumped out. I have without doubt seen an improvement to my skin and I will continue to use this product. According to my husband, the difference was noticeable and my complaints about my skin decreased and this intrigued him. I managed to convince him to try it. He used to struggle with an occasional bout of rosacea but The Magic Pads has eliminated that problem from his life. He has now been utilising the product for the last year and a half.


It is without any doubt that The Magic Pads is an incredible and life changing product for those who especially need help with their skin. It is based on the results I saw with my own family, that I am convinced that this product needs to be promoted and people need to be aware of the benefits of this product. For me this product is deserving of 5 stars for effectiveness, being a natural product, selling at a competitive price point, and for keeping the promises they make.

I recommend this product to my friends, family and clients without hesitation and I encourage you to try it. You will see the magic in the pads!

With Love and Gratitude

  • Aarthi