I was recently, together with a few other South African influencers/bloggers, selected to try out and review some skin care products from Dr. Dermal Cosmeceuticals. I have known of Dr. Dermal products since its inception and I have been following their products, results, and growth on various media platforms. Needless to say I have held an interest in the brand so I was deeply honoured to be now working with this phenomenal brand.

This article is directed at setting out the journey that I have embarked on with Dr. Dermal. It serves to give you, my readers, a sense of the type of interaction and understanding that was created between Dr. Dermal and myself, and to understand the products to a greater extent and to finally share my thoughts and feelings about the products tested.

Understanding My Skin

At the start of our engagement, the Dr. Dermal team were keen  to establish what my skin concerns were and what I saw as the goals I have for my skin. their questions also extended to any allergies that I may have, whether I was currently pregnant and whether I was on any prescription medication, which maybe problematic being used with Dr. Dermal products. I really appreciated this process as it ensured me that the right products were going to be recommended for me through this analysis.

Based on this, I highlighted the following to the Dr. Dermal team:

  • I have a combination to dry skin.
  • My main concern is around fighting the visible signs of ageing i.e. the lines on my forehead and my deepening smile lines.
  • Another concern  of mine is the hyper pigmentation starting to peep through on my cheekbone area.
  • My final area of concern is my eye area, which has a bit of darkness and crows feet.

As a result, my goals for my skin are:

  • to maintain a youthful skin for as long as possible, and
  • to have a clear, even-toned skin.

Having understood my concerns, the Dr. Dermal team recommended that I use the following products, and explained the benefit of each:

  1. Total Rejuvenation Plasma – this will help deal with fine lines and other anti-ageing concerns. It can be used as an eye serum as well as a general anti-aging serum morning and evening.
  2. MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair – this potent product with 5% micro encapsulated retinol will stimulate cellular renewal and also help rejuvenate the skin. It will also help over time to reduce the marks and superficial pigmentation. This product is to be used only in the evening, and a sunblock must be used during the day (either after moisturiser, or a moisturiser that contains a minimum SPF 30)

With regard to my concerns pertaining to pigmentation, the Dr. Dermal team highlighted that it is very important for them to understand the type of pigmentation I have and the cause of it as it is a difficult skin concern to treat. Further, some pigmentation such as Melasma and hormonal pigmentation cannot be treated with product alone. The Retinol  recommended does help to renew the skin by stimulating rapid cellular renewal. It is indicated that as the skin sheds, it brings out the superficial pigmentation which will eventually reduce in appearance. However, hormonal pigmentation or melasma will always return. The team further recommended that I visit them their treatment room SKIN by Dr. Dermal for a complementary consultation where we can look at additional recommendations.

Reading a bit more detail on these two products, these are the action and benefits of the products.

The use of the Total Rejuvenation Plasma will improve wrinkles, reduce pores, and improve skin texture and firmness. The technology in this plasma is said to also optically scatter light which instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores. This product claims to stimulate DNA repair and optimize skin health.

The MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair cream provides a slow release of retinol into your skin to reduce the risk of irritation. The product claims to refine, correct and revitalize your skin condition with regular use and correct maintenance.

Retinol:  Is a form of Vitamin A, that promotes skin renewal and enhances collagen production, which is known to start declining in one’s 30s. Retinol assists in lessening the appearance and visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and can also reverse some of the side effects of sun damage.   

Using the Products: 

Given specific instructions to be followed in order to use the products correctly, I started off using the Total Rejuvenation Plasma in the morning as the first product on my skin after toning, while the MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair (hereafter referred to as retinol) was used at night starting off every alternate night to allow my skin to adjust to the product.

The Total Rejuvenation Plasma is a milky solution, which can be distinguished into a clear and milky fluid. I used this (6 drops) all over my face and one additional drop distributed around my eye area. The product has no fragrance and I didn’t experience any reaction to it. The product feels ever so slightly tacky to the touch but once you layer on your moisturizer etc you no longer feel the tackiness.

I started using the retinol the same night over the Total Rejuvenation Plasma. As it has been a while since I have used retinol I decided to start off using this product every second night to allow my skin to acclimatize to the product. Retinol is such an ingredient that is available in varying strengths and requires your skin to get used to the increasing dose to ensure that there are no reactions.

The first time I put this on, I experienced a slight tingling on my skin but I recognized this from previous occasions when I used retinol so I was not alarmed. In a matter of minutes the tingling subsided and I was left feeling like I had applied a regular moisturizer. However, the distinct smell of the retinol that I recognized reminded me that I am actually using a potent cream at this moment.

Sunscreen is a must for me so utilizing my sunscreen daily with these products was no hassle.


According to my concerns and goals listed above, these are the results that I experience.

Eye area: The darkness around my eye area has diminished significantly from using the Total Rejuvenation Plasma twice a day. I am convinced of this as I find I am using a lot less concealer, which is a great way to determine whether there is change. My eyelids had also been discolored for many years and irrespective of what I used nothing changed, until now that I am using the Total Rejuvenation Plasma there is a significant lightening of my eyelids. My under-eye area is a lot smoother and the lines around my eyes seem to have diminished a fair amount over the past month.

The Total Rejuvenation Plasma is a winning product and I am going to continue using this product.

The retinol has worked towards plumping out the fine lines along my forehead and my smile lines. On using it at first, I did get a very slight breakout of fine bumps on my forehead. However, I continued with the retinol every alternate day for a week until I built it up to every night. The bumps disappeared and my skin adjusted to the use of the retinol over the past month and slowly the positive changes are starting to show.

I am a firm believer that achieving great skin comes from a commitment to a good skin care routine and using products tailored to your skins needs.

I am thus far really happy with the results of this tailored product combination and will continue to use these products, increase my retinol concentration and add on additional Dr. Dermal products into my skin care routine.

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I hope that you have enjoyed this review. Please remember to drop me comment below and follow my blog to receive emails to notify you of each time I post.

With Love and Gratitude  

– Aarthi Maharaj

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