Just over a month ago, The Beauty Room ran a competition on Instagram, with there being 10 Durban beauty blogger winners, and the prize was a fresh new set of either gel or acrylic nails. I was one of the fortunate 10 that won this opportunity. As I rarely win anything, this, for me was equivalent to winning the jackpot especially considering that as a makeup artist and a beauty blogger it is imperative that I am well groomed hence, I have my nails done religiously every three weeks.

Candice Davis co-owner of The Beauty Room was the contact person and she contacted me within a few days of the announcement of the winners to congratulate me and to detail what the prize entailed. We corresponded over email regarding what I would like to have done with my nails. At the time I had Polygel on my nails, which Candice indicated they would like to take off and give me a fresh new set of either gel or acrylic nails. Having had the polygel on for over two months, I was happy to have it soaked off and to start afresh. I also sent through two options of nail designs that I was keen on and I was happy that Candice was confident that it can be done.

Following on from our email chats, I confirmed my appointment with The Beauty Room @ Salon Caprice in Durban North for the 21st June 2018. Just a side note, The Beauty Room has a larger branch dedicated to nails and beauty in Umhlanga. At Salon Caprice, the Beauty Room has a cosy and intimate little spot dedicated to nail treatments.

On the day of my appointment, I was greeted within moments of my arrival by a warm and friendly lady from the Beauty Room ,who introduced herself as Kami, the nail tech who would be doing my nails. Kami quickly got me relaxed and at ease at her station, ensuring that I was comfortable. Kami conducted herself most professionally, as she gave me a concise but impressive run down of her work experience. I was specifically impressed with her confidence and easy-going nature. She is clearly a people person and has the ability to converse on a number of topics.

On ensuring that I was offerred and served a beverage of my choice (no surprise, coffee it was for me), Kami and I discussed my nail design options that I had sent through. Based on my needs and wants, we married the two options on Kami’s professional advise. Needless to say I was extremely excited to see how this would turn out.

Soaking off the Polygel that was on my nails at the time took a fair amount of time, almost an hour, and although at the end of my appointment Kami mentioned that the soak off threw her off, she handled the challenge and the unexpected length of time taken with absolute grace and without breaking a sweat. Honestly, as she kept the conversation light and enertaining between us, I didn’t even take notice of the length of time taken.

Kami displayed immense technical prowess and swiftness in getting my nails painted and the desired design achieved. I loved the attention paid to customer satisfaction, as Kami consistently asked me whether I was happy with each step that she undertook from the length to the shape, and colour. The marble effect that I really was so keen on seeing on my nails was done with such ease that I wondered why had I not done this sooner.

Through the course of my appointment, I met Meghan, the owner of Salon Caprice and co-owner of the Beauty Room Candice Davis. Meghan was friendly and chatted animatedly about her own nail experience. Candice was present l for a significant period of time and we got along like old friends chatting about everything from makeup to kids and our career histories. This got me feeling so comfortable and almost like I’ve been visting the Beauty Room forever. It’s always wonderful to connect with people so intimately, and it particularly warmed my heart to share that with this team of incredible women.

When I booked my appointment, I asked Candice to book me in for gelish soak off and paint on my toes as well, as I love matching my fingers and toes, which I was happy to pay for. After my fingers were completed, we moved on to my toes, which were done beautifully by Kami.

Much chatting, painting, laughing and two coffees later my tips were done to perfection. As I was leaving I queried where I should do my payment for my toes and Candice instantly insisted that it was on them and no payment was necessary. I was completely shocked and taken aback by her generosity and I am so thrilled to have met the ladies of the Beauty Room. I will definitely be booking my future nail appointments with Kami of the Beauty Room at Salon Caprice.

A week on and my nails are still absolutely stunning.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my experience of my time at the Beauty Room @ Salon Caprice and I strongly recommend you give them a try. You will not be disappointed!

With love and gratitude

– Aarthi

Your Face Is My Canvas Makeup Studio