Great skin requires so much commitment, even more so as we age. As we battle one problem, we often end up with another rearing its head. I personally have been so consumed with ensuring that I fought away my adult acne and trying to fight away the early signs of aging, I didn’t realise that I was slowly developing pigmentation on my cheeks … so what I once thought were cute freckles turned out be more sinister.

So I’ve suddenly found myself looking for a treatment to address the pigmentation while still fighting the signs of aging … yes we are always in search of the miracle for beautiful skin. There are a number of skin treatments and skin care regimes available, which leaves the mind bamboozled once you start the online research. I tried to treat the pigmentation with various skin care options with home treatments and skin care, with no significant change. Reaching a pont of exacerbation, I decided to take the route of visiting an aesthetic doctor to assist.

Almost every other brand makes claims to give you clear skin and amazing results in a short period of time. It is due to my strong research background and my involvement in the skin care industry that I have not been overcome with the urge to dabble in a little bit of this and a bit of that. It is my belief that if you are on the journey to engage in various skin treatments, then one should find a doctor that comes highly recommended from people you trust and to commit to a process with said doctor to ensure that you can see and discuss the results.

Please exercise caution and refrain from going to people who are not qualified in the medical field to perform your skin treatments. They may be cheaper but it may be a disaster for your skin.

Following my own advice, I sought out Dr. Nishanie Maharaj of Aesthetic Makeover Studio, who came highly recommended. The Aesthetic Makeover Studio is run by two qualified doctors who are experienced in both aesthetic and general medicine.

During my first visit Dr. Maharaj consulted with me as a medical professional, taking into account my medical history and the medication that I am on at the moment. This clearly plays a role in what treatments may not be suitable and how a client/patient may react to specific treatment. It is my understanding that it is best for a doctor to be doing these procedures as they would be equipped with the necessary skills to handle any reaction that may occur.

Thereafter in the consult, we discussed whether I have done any aesthetic procedures in the past and what procedures would be recommended provided I was comfortable with this.

Dr. Maharaj recommended that we start off with a gentle chemical peel on my skin to “aclimatise” my skin to these processes. The peel suggested was a 20% Neostrata Peel, also dubbed the lunchtime peel as it is so quick and there is no significant redness or downtime.

Neostrata Peel was first launched in the United States in 1988, by its founding Dermatologists Drs. Van Scott and Yu. This is a superficial to medium depth peel giving you healthier, younger-looking skin.

The Neostrata Peels claims to benefit the skin in the following ways:

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Smooothes and softens skin,
  • Increases hydration and suppleness,
  • Balances irregular skin tones,
  • Improve oily/acne prone skin,
  • Higher strengths can help acne scarring and certain pigmentation problems.

The Peel comes in various glycolic acid strengths from 20% to 70%, with the 70% being used for a more aggressive treatment of sun damaged skin.

Important: Chemical peels are not to be used in Pregnant or Breastfeeding women!

The process of the peel was intimidating for a first time peeler as thoughts of a peel gone wrong plagued my mind. However, I took a deep breathe and put my trust in my doctor and her assistant Janista.

The process was actually very quick and painless. The following steps were followed:

1. A bit of Vaseline was applied to specific areas of the face e.g. on the sides of the nostrils, under the upper lip to prevent product from pooling and causing burns.

2. The product was brushed onto my face. The product was kept on my face for 2 minutes. My skin tingled throughout this time but was by no means painful or unbearable. The team was actually so good at keeping me talking and distracted that I didnt even feel the time (granted it was just 2 mins) go by. They fanned my face to keep it cool and the sensation wasn’t any more than a tingling.

3. Next my eyes were blocked with cotton pads and I was asked to purse my lips together and not inhale. The neutraliser was then sprayed and wiped off to remove the product applied. The spray off process was then repeated to ensure all the product is completely removed.

4. A soothing cream was then applied to my skin followed by sunscreen.

And that was it, truly a treatment that could be done in one’s lunchbreak. I was told that I may expreience a slight tingling sensation over the next day and I should tap the area to ease it, and not to scratch. I did experience intermittent tingling through the day of my peel and the next day. Thereafter there was no additional tingling.

Once the peel was over and having looked at my skin, I had a beautiful flushed complexion and my skin appeared more even toned and smooth.

After a week, I noticed that the texture of my skin had improved, my pores look smaller and my skin was so smooth and clear. A month later my skin still looks good and I have enjoyed many makeup free days out in public this past month, which I never did in the past.

Overall, I am so happy with the results and at the time of writing this post, I have already booked myself in for my next peel and am so looking forward to an even better skin.

I rate the overall experience i.e. environment, doctor expertise, process and result a four and half stars.

I highly recommend Dr. Nishanie Maharaj, and the Aesthetic Makeover Studio.

Contact them on: 031 811 4888.

With Love & Gratitude