Part of a good skin care routine involves exfoliation and masking. Exfoliation sloughs away your dead, dull skin cells thereby allowing you glowing newer skin to shine through. The masks that we put into our skins following exfoliation helps to replenish the skin and even treat specific areas of concern in an intensive manner. It is with great ingenuity that you will find a product that does both of the above steps and gives you visible results. The Kiehl’s Tumeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque is one such product. Kiehl’s claim is that this product is an “instant facial “ that “brightens and energizes the look of dull, fatigued skin to restore a healthy, rosy appearance”. The two key ingredients in this product is turmeric and cranberry seeds. As every Indian would know turmeric has numerous health benefits and function as an antiseptic, and anti inflammatory treatment and is used topically on the skin for evening out skin tone, lightening pigmentation and giving you a glow. Tumeric is therefore used in pre-nuptial Indian ceremonies to cleanse and give the bride and groom a glow on the wedding day. Cranberries are widely known for their amazing antioxidant properties and for the glow that it does provide to the skin. It is therefore a beautiful combination of products in this mask to create energized and radiant skin. This mask uses the elements of the two key ingredients as such: the mask once applied dries down relatively firmly and becomes a light yellow shade with the cranberry seeds still being evident on the face. The turmeric works on evening out the skin tone while it sits on the face. The antioxidant elements also work on the skin while remaining on the skin for approximately 5 – 10 minutes. Once the mask has been on the skin for the stipulated time, the mask is rinsed off with warm water while the cranberry seeds are gently massaged on the skin to exfoliate the skin leaving the skin looking brighter, smoother and illuminated. You can use this up to three times a week. I have been using this product for more than a year, in fact ever since it arrived on South African shelves. I have been through quite a few jars of this product. As such you know that this is not a new product that I have just tested but one that has been with me for a long time. I have taken it on holiday with me because it’s one of my tried and true products that gives my skin a boost when I need it. The product doesn’t have the most pleasant smell but that’s because of the turmeric. However, it’s also not a smell that’s going to make you gag and it does fade as it dries. Once you use the product a number of times you will not notice the smell anymore. The mask definitely helps to even out skin tone although I have to state that it doesn’t rid you of pigmentation e.g. hyper pigmentation on your cheeks, sun damage etc. You may experience some lightening of the pigmentation but it’s not meant to be treatment for those conditions. Some scarring from breakouts etc does lighten as that is a short term trauma to the skin. It’s not a deep rooted problem. The mask also gives your skin a lit from within look and is great to use when you have an event to attend. It leaves your skin looking extra healthy. This is a product that I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and I highly recommend you try it out. Kiehl’s is a brand that has been around for a long time with a focus on skin care. I haven’t experienced them being side tracked into venturing off into makeup or fragrances. They do what they do best i.e. skincare. I hope you enjoyed this review. Please remember to drop me a comment and follow my blog to receive emails to notify you of my new posts.

With Love and Gratitude

Aarthi Maharaj

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